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Blue Pullman sound decoders(twin)and speakers (21)

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As there is very little authentic sound of the Blue Pullman on record, this project has been carefully created based on what can be regarded as the genuine, not dubbed recordings. The horns are produced to replicate the pitch and sound of the prototype, the F10 horn being a tribute to the double one heard on old archive footage. As this train ran primarily ran between London and Manchester the station announcements have been created using the correct departure timings for those stations, noting in the interest of authenticity, that in those days there was no such thing as a 24 clock announcement!!.
The decoders are supplied as forward (Car A)driving and rear (Car F) trailing. The horn sounds have been made directional so they are only played from the lead power car. Pressing F2 and 3 at the same time plays both tones together, this practice was apparently used as by the driver as an emergency warning, pressing F2 and 3 together again stops the two horns. F19 is a 4 step volume control and mute, by repeated pressing of the function button the operator can set the level they wish, F21 is a fade up/down control which is set at 25% on fade down, useful for entering or leaving the display area of a layout, the minimum level can be changed by the operator by altering the value of CV133, values are 0 min 128 max, the default is set at 32 (25%).


Below is a list of the Function keys and their assignments applicable to this model.
F0 Lights on-off
F1 Sound on-off
F2 Double Horn (1) playable in direction of travel
F3 Double Horn (2) playable in direction of travel
F4 Single Horn playable in direction of travel
F5 Carriage door slam
F6 Guards whistle
F7 Guard driver buzzer
F8 Table lights (Aux 1)
F9 Cab lights (Aux 2)
F10 ‘Low high – low high’ horn in direction of travel
F11 Station announcement at Manchester
F12 Station announcement at St Pancras
F13 Flange squeal
F14 Wheel/sleeper groan
F15 Accel/Decel override
F16 Shunt mode (half speed)
F17 Diesel Notch up
F18 Diesel Notch down
F19 Volume control 4 level steps
F20 Disable Brake sound
F21 Sound fade up-down


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