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Wooden City Mechanical Models WR306 Wooden City Ferris Wheel



Step right up and witness the magic of the Ferris Wheel Wooden Puzzle 3D, a unique piece of craftsmanship that captures the joy and excitement of a carnival ride.

3D Wooden Puzzle: Build Your Own Mechanical Ferris Wheel

Our 3D Wooden Puzzle brings you an exciting opportunity to construct a mechanical model of the classic Ferris wheel. This intricate model, made from birch, offers a delightful challenge and becomes a fascinating décor piece upon completion.
Immerse Yourself in the Construction Process

This model is designed for hands-on interaction. The Ferris wheel is powered by a rubber motor and activated with a starting key, allowing the wheel to spin just like a real-life version. An added start lever provides an additional element of authenticity to the design.
Included Figurines for Added Fun

This model kit comes with its own set of tiny people figures that can be placed in the Ferris wheel cabins. These small details add a touch of realism and whimsy, helping to bring the carnival scene to life.

A Hidden Compartment for Keepsakes

In addition to its mechanical features, the model also contains a secret compartment. This hidden money box function is perfect for storing small items or mementos, adding another layer of practicality to this fun and charming model.

Perfect for Personalization

The Ferris wheel is ready to become a canvas for your creativity. Feel free to paint and customize it, turning this entertaining project into a truly personalized piece of art.

A Delightful Gift Idea

The Ferris Wheel Wooden Puzzle is more than just a model; it’s a gift of creativity, engagement, and joy. Whether for a puzzle enthusiast, a model lover, or someone who enjoys DIY projects, this model kit is a thoughtful and enjoyable present.

Transform Your Space with the Carnival Spirit

The completed Ferris Wheel model serves as a unique and playful addition to any décor. It’s a piece that brings a sense of fun, nostalgia, and a bit of the carnival spirit into your space.

Whirl of Wonders: A Family Adventure

Craft a Ferris Wheel with your family, bringing carnival magic right into your home. Every spin reminds you of laughter, love, and the joy of togetherness. A hands-on adventure that elevates family bonding to new heights. Experience memories on the rise!

Final Thoughts

The Ferris Wheel model offers an immersive, rewarding experience that culminates in a functional and charming decorative piece. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, an engaging hobby, or a special addition to your décor, this mechanical model will not disappoint. Experience the joy of building and personalizing your very own Ferris wheel and let the spirit of the carnival brighten up your space.

Additional information
Weight: 2.3 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 35.5 × 24 × 5.1 cm
Assembly time: 8h
Difficulty level: Expert Level
Pieces: above 300
Colour: Natural Wood
Mechanical functions: Yes
Recommended age: 14+, Under Adult Supervision, Adults


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