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UDI Arrow Brushless


This model comes built , we would class this as 9 out of 10.

ABS Hull

Approx length 63mm

Model includes the following.


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UDI Arrow Brushless

This model comes built , we would class this as 9 out of 10.

ABS Hull

Approx length 63mm

Model includes the following.

This model was an ex display of ours.

The hull shows some scratches but is in perfect working order.

The listing below is the information for the new model.

Includes everything you need to get going including the balance charger.

The UDI Arrow combines a high performance injection moulded hull and the latest electronics to produce an easy to use speed boat with stunning performance. Supplied in RTR (Ready to Run) format the electronics are all supplied pre-installed and ready for use so all you need to do it charge the battery, fit it and add batteries to the controller (not included) to be ready to blast across the water at high speed. Please note we only have this boat in white.

2.4GHz Radio System
The Arrow is supplied in RTR format and uses a high quality 2.4GHz marine radio system providing 150m of range and interference-free operation.

Self-Righting Sleek Hull Design
The streamlined hull is tuned for optimum handling and is able to run in relatively small bodies of water. There are two turn fins for increased agility and two adjustable trim tabs so you can set the angle the boat runs in rough or calm water. The hull of the boat was also designed to be able to turn back over in the unlikely event that it flips upside down.

Waterproof Design
The hull has been carefully designed for optimum water resistance. Under the top canopy hatch there is a second hatch with four locking catches and a foam seal forming a highly effective water barrier. Inside the boat generous amounts of sealant are used around the motor shaft and water pipes for a tight seal.

Brushless Watercooled Motor
The Arrow is powered by specially designed 3536 brushless motor with built in water cooling. The center of the motor and the mount are made from one piece for increased strength and heat dissipation and there is a flywheel to produce a smooth throttle response. This motor gives this model approx 35-40MPH!

11.1V Li-Po Battery
The Arrow is supplied with a Li-Po battery for the best performance and duration available. It is a high quality 3S1P 11.1V Li-Po with a capacity of 2200mAh and a discharge rate of 25C to really pack a punch.

Low Battery Alarm
The built-in telemetry will alert you when the boat battery is running low on power. The controller will emit a distinctive beeping noise as an alarm to and remind you to bring the Arrow back to land.

Poor Signal Alarm
If you operate the Arrow too far away causing the 2.4GHz signal to weaken then the controller will alert you to bring the boat closer to keep a strong signal.

Required for Use:
• 4x 1.5V ‘AA’ Alkaline batteries

Duration12 minutes (Approx)
Range150m (Approx)
Temperature Range0° – 40°C
Radio System2.4 GHz (Included)
Speed50 km/h (Approx)
Electric Motor3554A Watercooled Brushless (Inc.)
LiPo3S1P 11.1V 2200mAh (Inc.)


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