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Pre Owned Spektrum DX8 8 Channel Radio (TX Only)


Spektrum DX8 8 Channel Radio (TX Only)

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Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 2.4Ghz 8-Channel Radio Transmitter Only

This was previously  owned by a member of staff and is in excellent condition!

The Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 2.4GHz DSMX 8 Channel Radio System takes 8-channel sophistication to new heights with features and capabilities that cannot be matched by anything else in its class. Voice alerts, 250-model memory, wireless trainer, 4 model types – you get all that and more.



  • 11ms frame rates with capable receivers
  • Airplane, heli, sailplane and multirotor programming
  • 250-model internal memory
  • Voice alerts
  • Wireless trainer function
  • Ergonomically designed case with comfortable rubber grips
  • Large, backlit LCD screen
  • 10 aircraft wing types and 6 tail types
  • 7 swashplate types
  • 5 sailplane wing types and 3 tail types
  • Multirotor flight mode setup, checklists and voice alerts
  • Up to 10 sailplane flight modes, 5 airplane and heli flight modes
  • 10 programmable mixes – normal or 7-point curve
  • Dual aileron, elevon, and V-tail differential
  • 7-point throttle curves for airplanes and helicopters
  • 7-point pitch and tail curves for helicopters

No of Channels – 8
Modulation – DSMX
Band – 2.4GHz
Receiver – Not included
Model Memory – 250
Transmitter (TX) Battery Type – 2000mAh Li-Ion

In the Box
Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 2.4Ghz 8 Channel Radio System Transmitter
Spektrum 2000mAh Li-Ion Transmitter Battery
Spektrum Li-Ion Battery Charger
Spektrum Neck Strap


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