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Lynx 4S AFHSS 4096 HHR 2.4GHz Radio W/Axion Rx


A sophisticated, high response, surface radio with a 4096 resolution, 30 model memories and Hitecs solid AFHSS protocol

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Product Description
Rev your engines, the sleek, new Lynx 4S has arrived! Designed from the ground up for the avid racer yet versatile and economic enough for the everyday driver, the Lynx 4S arms all R/C enthusiasts with the power, control and speed required to dominate the podium. The convenient micro SD card slot allows storage expansion of the radio’s already vast 30-model memory to an additional 30 models while also archiving music and warning sound files. Ergonomically designed with adjustable wheel and trigger positioning, the Lynx 4S boasts exceptional 4096 resolution, Hitecs exclusive ‘high response system’ and bi-directional telemetry capabilities. Its multitude of advanced, innovative features bring the future of driving into your hands and onto the track. Ready the chequered flag!
Key Features
  • 4096 resolution.
  • 30 model memory.
  • 4 channels.
  • Ultra-fast 4ms Hitec High Response system (using the supplied Axion 2 Rx).
  • Bi-directional telemetry capability.
  • Variable mixing for car / boat / 4WS / crawler
  • Micro SD card for model memory extension, music and warning sound storage.
  • Assignable functions (switches, dials and trims).
  • Easy-change control mode for left handed drivers.
  • Adjustable wheel and trigger position.
  • Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz system.
  • 4096 resolution.
  • 30 model memory (with micro SD card for 30 more).
  • Built-in transmitter antenna.
  • Ultra-fast 4ms high response system when using the Axion 2 Rx.
  • Telemetry function with the Proton 4 Rx (RPM, speed, temp, volts).
  • Backlit graphic LCD screen.
  • Steering extension included.
  • 6-color LED indicates transmitter status.
  • 3-step slide switch for mixing.
  • Variable mixing for car / boat / 4WS / crawler.
  • Adjustable wheel and trigger position.
  • Adjustable spring tension (steering / throttle).
  • Built-in vibration mode.
  • Micro SD card slot (model memory expansion, music and warning sound files).
  • Music play mode.
  • Warning sound mode.
  • 12 character model and user naming.
  • Assignable functions (switches, dials and trims).
  • Easy-change control mode for left-handed drivers.
  • Fail-safe position assignable by transmitter.
  • PC link support (firmware update).
  • Ear phone jack for music and warning sound.
  • Compatible with 2-cell LiPo and LiFe, 4-cell NiMH and 4-cell NiCd.
What’s in the Box
  • 1x Lynx 4S transmitter.
  • 1x Axion AFHSS 2.4channel receiver.
  • 1x Wheel extension adapter.
  • 1x Comprehensive downloadable instruction manual.


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