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LuckyLaker Wi-Fi Fish Finder Wireless Sonar

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LuckyLaker Wi-Fi fish Finder!

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LuckyLaker Wi-Fi fish Finder!

LuckyLaker Wi-Fi Fish Finder, compatible with most iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets, the LuckyLaker uses its own Wi-Fi network so no relying on poor signal. The LuckyLaker Wi-Fi Fish Finder beams information back to your device which can be connected with up to 5 devices simultaneously, a great benefit when fishing with friends or sharing.
The LuckyLaker works in fresh or salt water in depths from 0.6m up to 45m and measures the surface water temperature. Around 5 hours of operation from a single charge, its wet switch means it uses minimal power while out of the water. The robust sonar unit is designed to be tethered to your boat, float tube or kayak or you can tie a large snap swivel to your line, clip the unit on and cast it into your swim! Reeling the sonar unit in slowly with the rod tip in the air will send detailed info about the depth and bottom contours, temperature, structure, fish size and location back to your smartphone or tablet device – essential information for any serious angler!
The LuckyLaker Fish finder is very easy to operate! Unscrewing the cap on the transducer will reveal the power button, charging port and operation LED’s.
The unit is charged using a supplied USB cable and can be plugged into any USB power source such as a computer. A red LED will indicate that the unit is charging and one it goes out it is fully charged. If you press the power button once, the unit will turn on and a blue LED will indicate this – it is best to wait 10 seconds or so before connecting your device to the units Wi-Fi network just as you would do if you were connecting to a home or office Wi-Fi network. Then screw the waterproof cap back on tightly and you are ready to go fishing!
Once the free Wi-Fi Fish Finder App is installed on your device, follow the simple steps in the instruction booklet to activate the sonar unit – you will only need to do this once with every new device you add the unit. The App menu is very simple with an Operation Mode to use the fish finder, a handy Demo Mode perfect for learning how to use the unit and a button for Parameter Settings so you can set up your fish finder to your own requirements. Your device needs to be running Android 2.1 and up or iOS 4.3 and higher to ensure that the App will operate correctly.
In the settings menu you will be able to adjust the sensitivity of the transducer, the depth range shown on screen, a zoom setting if you want to concentrate on a particular depth. A shallow alarm can be set which will give an audible warning if you come into shallower water so you can save your boat and gear from loss or damage. A fish ID setting turns sonar arcs into easily recognisable fish shapes and the fish alarm can be set to alert you to the presence of fish of all sizes or just the big ones if you prefer! The displayed units of measurement can be set to Metres/Feet, Centigrade / Fahrenheit – or any combination and the chart scroll speed can be set to match each fishing situation whether static, drifting or trolling.
The easy to read Wi-Fi Fish Finder App uses the high quality display on today’s smartphones and tablets to show clearly the water depth and temperature, battery status and signal strength, the contours of the bottom and of course any fish that might be there including their depth and comparative size. Everything the angler needs to see at a glance is on screen in a plain and simple format!

Please note: Iphone shown in pictures is not supplied in package.


1 review for LuckyLaker Wi-Fi Fish Finder Wireless Sonar

  1. Mark

    Downloaded the wrong app at first but once i set up everything it worked better than i thought. Its a basic fish finder but easy enough to operate which suits me and my technology skills ha

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