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LNER/BR J39 0-6-0 sound decoder with speaker (8)


This decoder is from our generic range. These are decoders where we do not have a full set of our own recordings for this particular class. Therefore, recordings have been blended from those we may have, with archive material supplied to us. They are to the same audible quality as others in our range.


Below is a list of the Function keys and their assignments applicable to this model.
F0. Lights on/off (where fitted)
F1. Sound on/off
F2. Whistle
F3. Whistle 2
F4. Buffer up
F5. Coupling up
F6. Injectors
F7. Buffer ‘clash’ on wagons (8 seconds)
F8. Wheel/track ‘groan’
F9. Shunt mode (half speed)
F10. Accel/Decel over-ride
F11. Aux 1 is set to firebox flicker which also operates when the fireman sound is heard


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