Lake Reaper Bait Boat Black

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This boat is ideal for those fishermen looking for a compact bait boat of a high quality, at a affordable price.


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Lake Reaper Bait Boat
In Black


This boat is ideal for those fishermen looking for a compact bait boat of a high quality, at a affordable price.
We’ve tested this boat for 3 months and found it to be very reliable.
It has never let us down & it’s simple to use.

The Boats 2.4Ghz radio system gives the boat proportional speed control (not just 1 speed all the time).
The 2.4 ghz radio is a new type of radio which means no more crystals, just turn on and go with no interference from other anglers.

No More Snags!
the boat and handset aerials are only 8cm long. No more snagging under branches!

The Hopper
The boat has a easy to use hopper for dropping the bait which can also take your hooklength. The simple drop down lid can hold up to 1kg of bait approx.

The Boat has 2 easy to get at switches for the power and lights.
The lights are very bright which makes the boat easy to see at night.
It also has a led voltage metre on the rear side of the boat which shows the battery voltage (great help!)so you know just how well charged the batteries are..

Also included in the box are the two 6 volt 5 amp batteries and a mains charger (10 hour charge)

Spare prop and fuses also included.

This boat runs very quiet it has a good speed and very long range.
Easy to get at electrics which mean if it needs fixing you can do it yourself!
We also keep spare parts in stock for this boat!

Technical specifications.

Length 59cm long x 29cm Wide x 22 Height approx
Power 2 x 6 volt 5 ah lead acid cells
Mains 240v charger
Run time approx 3-4 hours
Range 450 meters
Bait hopper capacity: 1kg approx
Weight of boat 5.7 kg
2 bright front lights
2 bright rear lights.
Handset buzzes when the batteries are low!
Digital Battery Power indicator on the side of the boat
Also includes clear waterproof hand set cover .keeps you handset and hands dry when it rains.

Box contents:
1 x Lake Reaper
1 x 2.4GHz Handset
2 x 6 volt 4.5Ah Batteries
1 x Mains Charger
1 x Spare prop and Fuse
1 x English instructions
1 x Waterproof handset cover.

3 reviews for Lake Reaper Bait Boat Black

  1. roseb52

    Tested it on a Carp fishing water took my hook bait out with loads of particle, The good thing about the boat is the chug feature just push the verticle looking slot slider next to the stick and it will just chug along at low speed, I can say as I’m not used to stick control as it just becomes just a little too fast with you hook bait, as you don’t want to come back on yourself with your hook bait on the bot as you may easily get tangled inside the propeller by doing that, so just chugging out and simply steering with the stick is just completely a lot easier after all you don’t want to mess up a nice drop. Various fish finders will probably go into the boat although I haven’t got one with mine it’s always an option later, The Batteries for the boat are included but get 8 x AA type for the controls as these were not provided. Great deal for a bait boat, I had a word with a fisherman on the bank the other day he was saying that they can cost around £2000 for top end sorts, I knew that, but them ones do have fish finders provided in them. 200 Meter range for a £300 boat and no Fish finder on board though, well worth it’s money, Just buy a fish finder. The only thing I could mention wrong with the boat is when if night fishing although it’s got lead lights at the front and back is that there should be at least two good torches at the front and back for seeing snags a lot easier. I mean it’s alright with those leads to see the bait boat, but if you land it and drop it close to weed or Blanket weed or branches you might not get it to return at all unless your willing to swim out. But at 200 meters there’s a thought. But 200 m is great for a worthy bait boat. If your looking for a boat at a great price this is the thing.

  2. jazzy_amber

    A great little boat, for the price. Its reasonably nimble and turns well (I read one review that suggested you needed a football pitch to turn it – not so, but you have to bear in mind it only has the one prop, not 2 jets like the more expensive boats, so you need to learn how to use the controls). What I particularly like is the “chug along” feature – as you near the spot you want to drop your baits, switch to that and it will slow down to a virtual crawl, allowing a precise drop of your rig and bait. This feature is also useful mapping the lake with the fishfinder (I opted to get one without a fishfinder and install one myself – personal choice). The boat also sits well in the water – it ventured out in recent storms and performed admirably. I haven’t tested the range beyond 100meters due to the venues I’ve been fishing, but 100m was not an issue and I’d be confident in adding another 75m to 100m if needed. If I have one niggle, it is the pin that holds the trap door in place. It looks fragile, but time will tell as to whether this concern is warranted or not. To be honest, if you want to take several kilos of bait out in one go, this might not be the boat for you, but if you want a decent little boat that will mange 1kg of bait per trip, that wont break the bank, then I’d certainly recommend this one.

  3. stevenwill007

    This is a realy gd well made easy to use baitboat I would give it 10 out of 10 and recommend it best boat I’ve owned

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