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Futaba High Voltage Digital (S-Bus) 0.19s/4.5Kg P-SU400


Futaba SU400 Servo HV Digital S-Bus 0.13s 7.9Kg

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Futaba SU400 Servo HV Digital S-Bus 0.13s 7.9Kg

The FUTABA S-U400 is an inexpensive S.BUS2 HV universal servo. With 8kgcm actuating force and 0.14s / 60 ° actuating speed, the S-U400 is positioned above the S-U300 in terms of performance. Due to its performance values, it is predestined for use in RC cars, boats and flight models. The S-U400 replaces the previous servo types S3010, S3152 and S3072HV.

Programmable through S.BUS2 technology. Of course, all S.BUS2 servos can be connected to conventional receivers with PWM modulation. The servos can be addressed in different ways:

1. With the handy programmer SBC-1 2. On the PC with the USB adapter CIU-3 3. At the S.BUS connection of the transmitter

The following parameters can be set: • S.BUS channel assignment • Servo reversal • Servo type (normal / retractable landing gear) • Soft start (on / off) • Mode selection in the event of signal failure Hold or Free • Soft servo run (on / off) • Servo position (servo tester) • Servo center adjustment +/- 300 µs (approx. 30 degrees) • Servo speed, 0.39 – 9 seconds per 45 degrees • Setting the dead band • Servo travel adjustment left and right separately, approx. 50 – 175% • Starting power • cushioning • Holding power • ID storage


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