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FlySky FS-iA6B 6CH 2.4Ghz AFHDS Receiver (RX) with PPM & Telemetry


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This is the V2 version of FlySky’s fantastic iA6 6-channel 2.4GHz radio receiver, compatible with FlySky and some Turnigy transmitters. It has now been made even better with the addition of a PPM output and support for different telemetry sensors via its iBus port. The advantage of PPM over traditional PWM channels is that you only need to use one signal wire, rather than one for each PWM channel – hence for PPM compatible flight controllers such as the Naze32, the wiring is greatly simplified. With the optional telemetry sensors, you can expand the receiver’s compatibility to monitor flight battery voltage and even things like motor RPM.

The receiver supports 6 channels as standard which is more than enough for typical racing drones, but this can be expanded up to 10 channels with use of the optional ibus receiver channel adapter.

The receiver’s excellent range (reported at well over 1km) is thanks to its dual diversity antennae which give the iA6B excellent reception and interference rejection capability. For best results, makes sure the antennas are set at a 90 degree angle from each other.

The FS-iA6B is slightly larger than the older iA6 Rx, but it’s still compact and it features end-on connectors to enable a neat installation in tight spaces.


  • Reliable, interference free 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A signal operation
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Dual antennas for reliable, interference free operation
  • Connection ports for use with optional telemetry sensors

Compatible Radios:

  • Flysky i4
  • Flysky / Turnigy i6 (FS-I6)
  • Flysky / Turnigy i10
  • Flysky FS-i10
  • FS-GT2E
  • FS-GT2G


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