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EE/BR class 55 DELTIC XL sound decoder


This is the XL variant (size 51 x 40 x 14mm) and is fitted with screw terminals for ease of connection. Please note that this decoder requires a speaker that can accommodate the bass element of these recordings. We recommend one of the QSI speakers and those supplied through Cliff Williams


Below is a list of the Function keys and their assignments applicable to this model.
F0. Lights on/off
F1. Sound on/off
F2. Horn 2-tone
F3. Horn high tone
F4. Horn low tone
F5. Buffer up
F6. Coupling up
F7. Flange squeal
F8. Guards whistle
F9. Carriage door slam
F10. Track/sleeper ‘groan’
F11. Compressor
F12. Switching mode
F13. Acceleration
F14. Aux 1 [1]
F15. Aux 2 [1]
F16. Diesel notch up
F17. Diesel notch down
F18. Fade out sound


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