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EAZY RC Ready To Fly RC Plane 540MM PA-18 – Return to Home!



  • High-strength EPP foam and carbon fibre reinforcement.
  • Utilizes 1020 high-efficiency coreless motor, with stronger power.
  •  6-axis gyroscope. It has a stable, fast and accurate flight attitude, which is especially suitable for beginners to fly.
  • Using 2.4GHZ communication protocol, can play several airplanes at same time.
  • With a one-key rollover function, novices can also make cool actions.
  • One-key return home function, after setting according to the manual, you can use this button to make the aircraft fly back when you can’t see the aircraft clearly.
  • Professional customized high-rate lithium polymer 3.7V 400mah 20C battery with high discharge rate and long service life. The flight time is about 15 minutes, and the normal use can reach 500+ cycles.
  • Dedicated USB 3.7V lithium battery charger, with balance charge and charge stability function.


What’s included:

  • 1 x 2.4GHz RC Airplane RTF
  • 1 x 2.4GHz Handset
  • 1 x 3.7v 400mah 20C Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger

Required to Complete?

4 x AA Batteries for Handset

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FMS has always been committed to urging as many players as possible to discover the magnificence of RC models. FMS launched Eazy RC, a quasi-model brand specially for novices, at the beginning of 2021. Eazy RC covers both car models and aircraft models. Its products are the optimal balance achieved by dozens of engineers in the multi-round selection of features, craftsmanship, quality and cost. It is the best choice for novices entering the RC model world.


  • High-speed low-loss coreless motor from well-respected supplier, system stability, reasonable aerodynamic layout.
  • Comes with a reliable flight assistance system, three modes of self-stabilization, semi-self-stability and manual to meet different needs. One-key rollover and one-key return to home, adding supreme fun and excitement to the flight.
  • Easy to control, remarkable stability, super gliding effect, can easily make somersaults, rolls and other actions.
  • The wing adopts snap-fit structure(easy to carry), which can be installed by pressing and detached by pulling.
  • The flexible nylon propeller features with excellent dynamic balance. Its crash-off design (self-releasing when hitting the ground) protect it from hard landing.
  • EPP foam material, light-weight, anti-corrosive, and paintable, with total weight of 70g.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced struts can effectively resist torsion of the wing and increase the strength of the airframe.
  • The remote control radius is up to 100 meters, with stable and anti-interferenced signal.
  • No need for a professional flying field. Park/basketball court/or even front or back yards would be fine.
  • JST Battery Connector.


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