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Dapol Imperium1 21 Pin MTC 6 Function Decoder


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Imperium is Dapol’s own brand of decoder. They have been designed to offer a full range of functions at a reasonable price, complementing the additional features found on Dapol’s models (such as independent lighting) as well as operating with other manufacturers models equipped with regular directional lighting or without lighting. Imperium are compatible with all models featuring a standard NEM decoder socket and operate with most motor types.

Imperium decoders are compatible with NMRA and MOROP DCC standards. RailCom is not supported.

Imperium 1. 21 PIN 6 Function decoders (21MTC/NEM 660/MTX interface Standard).

• Function rating:100 Ma.

• Motor rating: 1.0Amp continuous, 2.0 Amp Peak.

• Note: Aux 3,4,5 & 6 are Logic level outputs (per MTC specification).

• Note: This decoder has an index pin, check that the ‘missing’ pin in your model aligns with the ‘missing hole’ in the decoder


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