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Class 59 Sound Decoder & Speaker 21 Pin For Dapol Model

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List of functions relevant to the model

F. 0 Lights
F1.  Sound On/Off
F.2  Two Tone Horn
F.3  Two Tone Horn
f.4 Single Horn
F.5 Buffer Clash
F.6 Wheel Groan
F.7 Flange Squeel
F.8 Sand Blast
F.9 Dynamic Brake
F.10 Compressor
F.11 Compressor
F.12 Short Air Release
F.13 Brake Release
F.14 Sanding Valve
F.15 Fast Spyrex
F.16 Switching Mode
F.17 Acceleration
F.18 Fase out Sound
F.19 Cab lights In Direction Of Travel
F20. Disable Red/Rear Lights
F.21 Marker Lights Only
F.22 Night Running Lights
F.23 Bell if fitted


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