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AC Cars railbus sound decoder and speaker (21)

£117.50 £99.99

Adapted from railbus recordings we already have and ideal for installing in the Heljan OO & O models
Apologies for the price rise which is due the the exchange rate with the Euro.


Below is a list of the Function keys and their assignments applicable to this model.
F0. Lights on /off
F1. Sound on/off
F2. Horn 1, two tone
F3. Horn 2, two tone
F4. Horn 3, single tone
F5. Door – press once for opening sound and then again to close
F6. Guards whistle
F7. Driver/Guard communication buzzer
F8. Rail joints
F9. Wheel/sleeper groan
F10. Flange squeal
F11. Fade sound in and out
F12. Shunt mode
F13. Acceleration/Deceleration speed over ride
F14. Internal lights
F15, F16, F17 Alternative horns from W&M railbus


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