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West Country/Battle of Britain (un-rebuilt) sound decoder and speaker (8)


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Manufacturer: ESU
Part number: SS102(8)
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West Country/Battle of Britain (un-rebuilt) sound decoder and speaker (8)

For `re-built` locos we recommend that both decoder and speaker are fitted in the tender due to space (please remember decoders can get hot) and sound considerations. Four wires will need to be run through to the loco for pick-ups and we would recommend a connector so that the loco and tender can be separated. `Un-rebuilt` locos have room to accomodate both decoder and speaker within the streamlined loco body although we suggest the use of speaker 50334 to improve sound levels.
Below is a list of the Function keys and their assignments applicable to this model.
F1. Sound on/off
F2. Long whistle (latched)
F3. Short whistle
F4. Buffering up
F5. Coupling up
F6. Injectors
F7. Drain cocks
F8. Safety valves
F9. Guards whistle
F10. Carriage door ‘slam’
F11. Wheel/track ‘groan’
F12. Fireman shovelling
F13. Shunting mode. Press once the loco goes slowly, press it again and you are back to normal control.
F14. Acceleration/Deceleration override
F15. Aux 1